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How do we select our Equity Release Advisers?

At 55Plus, we pride ourselves on being independent later life lending specialists that act as your local experts. That means putting the needs of our customers first in everything we do – including exploring alternatives to equity release. We are proud to have cultivated a reputation that inspires trust and built a company on providing expert insight and professionalism. Everything we do is characterised by quality –thoughtfulness, care, and attentiveness to our customers’ needs. These are some of the things we look for when recruiting new advisers to join our award-winning team.

What it takes to work with 55Plus

All of our equity release specialists at 55Plus are highly experienced. However, it is not just the level of training and qualifications obtained but rather their approach and ability to build solid rapport with their customers, providing the right solutions no matter what the situation.

It’s our exceptional advisers who bring the client experience to life, and we recognise their skill, attention and care.

Our environment is both rewarding and collaborative. We take the initiative, and ask ourselves how we can do things better, every day. We draw on our networks and mentors to consistently learn and develop.

We expect the best from ourselves each and every day.

When we speak to equity release advisers who are interested in joining our team, their attitude and ethos is of paramount importance. This is because anyone who is a member of the Equity Release Council can gain the experience needed to fit the role – but it’s vital that they have the shared values of our growing team. These include trust, transparency and care.

Whether an adviser has a hundred introducers, or writes one hundred cases a month, if they’re not driven by finding the best solutions for homeowners over 55 we will more than likely to turn them down!


The benefits of joining 55Plus

As independent later life lending specialists, everything we do is focused around creating the best service journey for our customers and for our advisers. We like to operate at a high level and we’re proud of that fact.
Whilst many other equity release providers have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in place, they are often generic and are not built to meet the unique requirements homeowners over 55 may have when looking for later life lending solutions.
At 55Plus, we use our very own CRM system —built by our advisers and for our advisers. This provides a tailored journey for our equity release specialists, enabling them to support customers and their own business needs through a streamlined application process and beyond. This helps to provide clarity at every step, with a sensible advice process that promotes best understanding between adviser and customer.
We are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and have our own compliance team with many years’ experience. This ensures that everything we do meets the highest financial regulatory standards and gives peace of mind to our later life lending specialists that they have the support they need throughout.

55Plus adviser requirements

Our team of independent equity release specialists work closely in collaboration, sharing our knowledge and experience. However, we are also fiercely committed to serving our own communities across the UK as local experts in later life lending. This means that all of our advisers are:

  • Self-determined – entrepreneurial and building their own business, leads and introducers
  • Person-led – always exploring the best solutions available, rather than the fastest sale
  • Collaborative – we love to share our knowledge and experience as team, to provide a better service for all – no matter how unique or uncommon the case.
  • Organised and compliance aware.

If you’re an equity release adviser and these values sing to you, 55Plus may be for you.

To arrange an initial confidential discussion about joining our team, please contact our Business Development Consultant, Graham Webb, either by email at, or phone 07446 006 233.


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