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Your local experts in later life lending

Your local experts in later life lending

55Plus has decades of experience helping individuals and families to find solutions to their later life finances. We have built a reputation for our personal approach to homeowners over 55 and pre-eminent expertise in all aspects of equity release, particularly involving complex situations.
Whether it’s funding for a dream retirement holiday, helping friends and family, a new kitchen, remaining in your cherished home or paying off your existing mortgage, we’re here to help.
Get in touch today for an initial, no-obligation consultation and find out whether equity release is right for you – in person or by phone or video.

Your local experts in later life lending

We are independent equity release specialists who always put our customers first. With local advisers operating across the UK, we provide trusted advice and solutions for homeowners over 55 to help you realise your later life dreams.
Whether it’s finding the funds for a dream retirement holiday, helping friends and family, remaining in your cherished home or paying off your existing mortgage or debt, we’re here to help.
Get in touch today for an initial, no-obligation consultation and find out whether equity release is right for you – in person or by phone or video.

Book an initial,
no-obligation consultation

We operate to the highest standards and will always explore other financial options available first before proceeding with an equity release plan. We will only arrange a mortgage if we are completely happy that it meets your best interests. If it’s not suitable for you, we will say so.

Supporting the next step forward

Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion plans for the over 55s can provide the solutions you need  tailored to meet your unique circumstances, underpinned by our honest and independent advice.


Home & Garden Improvements

Home is where the heart is, so if your property no longer meets your needs or lifestyle, equity release can support your vision for your home.

Find out more about how our tax-free equity release products can help finance changes to your home, whether that be a new kitchen or bathroom, loft or garage conversions, renovations or maintenance or accessibility upgrades.


Dream Holiday

Whether it’s for a retirement getaway, visiting children or grandchildren who have emigrated to distant shores, exploring new cultures or a luxury cruise, equity release may be the key to making your holiday become a reality.


Help Friends & Family

Many of us hope to help our children, grandchildren, friends, and partners later in life but may not have the means to do so.

Whether it’s getting that first foot on the property ladder, paying off school or university fees, or starting a new business venture, find out how a later life financial scheme could help support your loved ones’ futures.


Pay off your Existing Mortgage

Whether you’re too old for a conventional mortgage or struggling to make your repayments, an over 55 equity release scheme can help you stay in the home you love.

Home Reversion plans and Lifetime Mortgages can be used to clear an existing residential mortgage if you have nowhere else to turn. Find out how equity release can help secure the home you cherish and give you peace of mind.


Help with Regular Bills

Entering retirement can signal a fall in regular income, which could make regular bills and lifestyle costs daunting — especially during periods of economic uncertainty.

With our range of specialist over 55 equity release plans, there is comfort knowing that your financials are secured and that you can meet unexpected future bills with a choice of tailored solutions.


Home Care and Nursing Fees

Equity release can help fund the support you need to stay in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, so you can maintain your later life independence.

Whether it’s for domiciliary care to help you with everyday tasks, at-home nursing care or live-in home care, find out how later life lending may be able to provide the answer you’re looking for.


Moving to a Nicer Home

Later life equity release plans can help – whether it’s to downsize for accessibility or necessity, securing additional finances to protect your savings or even to buy a second home to add a new dimension to your retirement.


Self-Funding Medical Fees

If you are unable to pay for necessary medical expenses, over 55 equity release can help to support your needs to improve your quality of life.

Later life lending solutions can help finance necessary medical treatments – whether it’s private healthcare, medications, or procedures – so you can enjoy life to the full and without waiting list worries.


Pay Debts

Paying off debt, such as loans or credit cards, can become a challenge in later life – especially if regular income has been reduced.

Our later life lending advisers will guide you through your options to identify the best solution for you, weighing up whether equity release is appropriate to your circumstances, or whether you might be better adopting an alternative strategy to manage your debt.

Why choose us?

Your dedicated experts in later life lending
Our equity release advisers have decades of experience helping homeowners over 55 achieve their financial goals. We work closely with you to find solutions that fit your unique situations, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re always in safe hands.
We operate to the highest standards

We’re members of the Equity Release Council and adhere to the most up-to-date regulations and ethics of equity release. Our specialist advisers will only recommend a plan when we are absolutely convinced it’s in your best interests.

Truly independent, always personal
At 55Plus, we pride ourselves on offering a service that is tailored to your needs, every step of the way. We keep you informed, we talk your language and we’re independent, so we can access the whole of the market to find over 55 equity release products that are tailored to support your personal circumstances.

Your questions answered

Have a question about equity release schemes for over 55s? Our experts have the answers to your most common queries.
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Our easy-to-follow guide to Equity Release

Prefer something physical? We’ve created a guide to help you navigate equity release options. You can view a digital version here.