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How releasing equity is helping over 55s with home care costs

Male care worker serving dinner to a senior man at his home

With care costs rising an average of 57% in the past five years, an increasing number of individuals are faced with the challenge of financing long-term care needs, making equity release a potential solution.

Using equity release to help with living costs

Senior Woman In Wheelchair With USA Energy Bill By Radiator In Cost Of Living Energy Crisis

Using equity release to support divorce

Using equity release to support later life divorce

For some divorcees and separating couples over 55, equity release is considered a reasonable compromise, as it enables both parties to access some of the equity tied up in the value of the property to fund their future living arrangements.

How do I find the ‘best’ equity release plan for me?

We all live very different lives, with varying wants and needs. This means that when it comes to releasing equity, finding the right plan for you will need careful consideration. Here’s our guide to finding the right equity release plan.

Using equity release for house buying

Whether it’s a new home or a holiday hideaway, using equity release to buy new property is a common trend for homeowners over 55. Here’s why.

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Equity release cases have ‘rapidly increased’ in past year

Using equity release to afford remortgaging

‘My mortgage payments are about to double – here’s what I’m doing about it’